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Two Front Teeth

Dark, Nordic, Christmas saison
image description
  • Beer type

    Dark, Nordic, Christmas saison style ale

  • Taste

    Full-bodied with solid malt base, very fruity and slightly fruity-tart

  • Look

    Dark, copper-coloured, slightly cloudy with a dense, fine-bubbled head

  • Hops

    Perle/Saaz, Savinjski Goldings, Citra, Nelson Sauvin

  • Malts

    Pilsner, Pale Ale, Red Caramel, Wheat, Rye Caramel, Acidified malt

  • Food match

    Dark poultry, roast pork and rich stews, but also fruity-based desserts

  • Aroma

    Intense, slightly spicy and very fruity


Pilsner Malt (40%), Pale Ale Malt (20%), Red Caramel, Malt (15%), Wheat Malt (13%), Rye Caramel Malt (5%),Dark Caramel (3%), Sour Malt (2%) and unmalted oats (2%)

Background and objectives

”Two Front Teeth” (TFT) is Kissmeyer Beer’s Christmas brew, based on the earlier beer of the same name launched in the USA in 2012. Now as then, TFT is an attempt to move in a different direction from the otherwise iconic Danish Christmas beer tradition. With one eye firmly on the corresponding and irrevocable Danish tradition for irresistible, high-calorie Christmas food, TFT is maintained at a sensibly high alcohol content of 7.5%. It is a dark beer, brewed in the Belgian style but a saison type that is far drier than the traditional doubles and quadruples. Furthermore, the sour malt and natural fruit concentrates give it a unique, crisp and fresh character that is the perfect complement to Danish Christmas fare. Whereas the original TFT was brewed with pomegranate juice, we have decided to ‘Nordify’ this new version with elderberry and cherry instead.


Dark, copper-coloured, slightly cloudy with a dense, fine-bubbled head.


Intense, slightly spicy and very fruity, but with no individual fruit being identifiable, supported by a base of dark malts (dried fruit and caramel).


Full, with a malty base and rich fruitiness but, again, without revealing any specific fruit. A mild, fruity tartness with almost no hint of fruit sweetness, low to medium bitterness, and a clear but subtle and complex spicy finish that continues into the lasting aftertaste.

Mouth feel

Robust, fruity, crisp, slightly prickly carbonation.

food matching

Christmas fare! Everything from the warm dishes of an open-sandwich lunch to roast duck, pork and other rich meats, sturdy stews and casseroles – and even fruit desserts and Danish Christmas rice pudding.


An distinctively different and unique Christmas brew with a unique combination of fruit, tartness, malt, spicy Belgian notes and body. Though brewed especially for the Danish Christmas fare, TFT is also a delicious, complex and refreshing beer that goes well with many other dishes – or as pure enjoyment on its own.


  • Denmark