Kissmeyer Icons

Strange Fruit Tripel

US Belgo Tripel
Strange Fruit Tripel
  • Beer type

    US Belgo Tripel 9,5% ABV

  • Taste

    Dry, full bodied, bitter and complex. IBU: 45

  • Look

    Bright, deep amber coloured with a rich white head. EBC: 15

  • Hops

    Perle, Saaz, Savinjski Goldings, Citra + lemon grass, grapefruit peel.

  • Malts

    Pilsner, Pale Wheat, Caramunich, oats.

  • Food match

    Spicy Asian or Mexican dishes, pork, strong, soft cheeses.

  • Aroma

    Spicy and citrusy with a peppery note.


Malts, hops, Honey, Sugar/dextrose, Grapefruit zest, Lemon grass.

Background and objectives

The Kissmeyer Icons series is meant as a retrospective salute to those beers previously launched under the Kissmeyer Beer brand that are the most iconic. The beers in the series, all originally launched between 2010 and 2016, represent a broad variety of beer styles with the common denominator that they all exhibit a highly personal and unique ‘twist’ on the base styles. The twists are different from beer to beer, but the overall characteristic is that the Icon beers are smooth, accessible and harmonious. Simply because that is how I like my beer! The ‘Kissmeyer Strange Fruit Tripel’ was first created as a 2010 collaboration with Will Meyers, Cambridge Brewing Company in Boston. On top of the inherent tripel characters we’ve used the citrusy US hop Citra plus ‘real’ citrus fruit through a combination of grape fruit zest and lemon grass.


Bright, deep amber coloured with a rich, white head.


Spicy, hoppy, fruity and citrusy with a peppery note.


Bitter and complex with spicy, fruity, citrusy flavours, rich pale malt and a bold bitterness.

Mouth feel

Full body, but dry for style. Slight alcohol warming.

food matching

Spicy Asian or Mexican dishes, pork in most shapes and forms, fish soups, strong, soft cheeses.


‘Strange Fruit Tripel’ has all the credentials of a classical tripel, but with added complexity in the form of both an accentuated citrusy fruitiness as well as a spicy and balanced hoppy character. It’s a very rich, but still almost crisp and easily drinkable beer that works great on its own, but also offers a wide variety of food matching potential.


  • Denmark
  • United Kingdom