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Ebony Love

Bierkompass/Freigeist, Germany and Solo Brewing Co., Greece
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  • Beer type

    English Style Brown Ale with Blueberries and Rose Hips. 6.5% ABV

  • Taste

    Robust malty character, intense spicy hop flavor, fruity undertones, medium and smooth bitterness. Long and complex, slightly bitter, malty, hoppy aftertaste with a touch of fruit. IBU: 30

  • Look

    Slightly hazy, deep brown, white head. EBC: 70

  • Hops

    Green Bullet (NZ), Admiral (UK) and East Kent Golding (UK).

  • Malts

    Pale Ale, Pale Munich, Pale Crystal, Amber Malt, Brown Malt, Rye Crystal and Oats.

  • Food match

    All types of stews and casseroles, most roasted meats, steaks, BBQs, burgers and medium to strong cheeses.

  • Aroma

    English hops – spicy, earthy and fruity – and the traditional English amber and brown malts, giving a deep and distinctive coffee and nutty aroma, dominate the aroma of this beer, supplemented by a very subtle fruity note from the added fruit.


  • Denmark
  • United Kingdom