Kissmeyer Garage Brew

Burning Kiss

Amber Ale
Burning Kiss
  • Beer type

    Amber/Red Ale 5,5% ABV

  • Taste

    Medium body, rich fruity malt, soft bitterness. IBU: 30

  • Look

    Bright, deep copper coloured, rich, white head. EBC: 40

  • Hops

    Perle, Amarillo, Simcoe, Pacific Gem.

  • Malts

    Pilsner, Pale Ale, Munich, Pale and Dark Caramel.

  • Food match

    Pork, veal, poultry, pizza, pasta and medium strong cheeses.

  • Aroma

    Hoppy, fruity, floral and malty.


Pilsner (45 %), Pale Ale (30 %), Pale Munich (13 %), Pale Crystal (9 %), Dark Crystal (1 %), Unmalted Oats (2 %).

Background and objectives

The Kissmeyer Garage series is meant to be a ‘no-nonsense’ take on the best, traditional beer styles. ‘The best’ according, of course, to my own preferences and the interpretations of these styles in the Garage series are on one hand in full respect of their heritage and virtues, but at the same time with that little personal twist that make them stand out from the rest. My aim has been to make very accessible versions of the styles, as that is the way I like them, and a harmonious balance between the malts and the hops, accentuating fruity and aromatic aromas and flavours. Burning Kiss is an elaboration on past successes with red ales and a reference to the Flaming Kiss IRA in this series with largely the same malts and hops. The aim is a smooth, drinkable accessible red ale with red berry


Bright, light copper coloured, rich, white head.


Fruity/citrusy hops, dried fruit and caramel maltiness and red berries.


Rich caramel malt characters such as raisins and figs, medium citrussy hop flavor and very soft bitterness. Crisp malty aftertaste.

Mouth feel

Medium to light body, dry for style.

food matching

BBQs, roast meats, pork, chicken, stews, pizza, pasta and medium rich cheeses.


A crisp, very accessible, mildly malty and discreetly hoppy Amber/Red Ale with focus on the fruity characters in both the malts and the hops, and emphasis on smoothness and harmony. A fine thirst quencher and a very versatile beer for food matching.


  • Denmark
  • United Kingdom