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Bird on a Wire

Nordic Passion
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  • Beer type

    Pilsner 5.0% ABV

  • Taste

    Crisp, dry, classic pilsner flavour with a dominant taste of light malt. But also a light and fruity hoppiness and a unique but extremely discrete touch of fruity sourness. Short and very classic aftertaste that finishes on an undertone of subtle fruit-sourness. IBU: 28

  • Look

    Light amber/straw yellow and clear (fine-filtered). EBC: 9

  • Hops

    Pacific Gem, Kazbek, Mittelfruh and Pacific Gem.

  • Malts

    FMB, WEY CaraHell, WEY pale wheat and oats.

  • Food match

    Of all the beers in the world, pilsner generally and Bird on a Wire in particular are probably the most suitable for the widest range of food, so it is not easy to be specific. However, a good guideline is to stick to lighter and less rich dishes. But the first thought that occurs is the Danish lunch menu of open sandwiches and warm dishes. The next choice would be fish and shellfish, salads, and light poultry and pork dishes.

  • Aroma

    Reasonably strong, fruity and hop aroma, with a touch of malt in the background and a faint trace of flowery and fruity complexity.


  • Denmark
  • United Kingdom