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Awarding winning beer brewing

In 2011, Anders Kissmeyer was awarded best active brewer in the world, and leading Danish beer writers have called him the third most important brewer in the history of Danish brewing. Shaun Hill of Hill Farmstead, which Rate Beer has proclaimed as the world’s best brewery five times during the past six years, says of his collaboration with Anders Kissmeyer:

… Anders has been a mentor to me. Together, we often explore and discuss the curiosities of beer and brewing. We both believe that there are no absolute truths in brewing – yet both adhere to trying to define a beer that is “of the place” and has a soul.

 He has dedicated his life to beer and has endured an ever-changing landscape with creative fervour … forging his own identity, and remaining relevant in an ocean of breweries and brands.

Anders Kissmeyer belongs to the absolute elite among brewers of the world

The quality and experience of craft beer can be varying and as a consumer – a craft beer drinker – it can be a bit difficult to navigate. Craft brewers display a bubbling creativity and it is always fun and exciting to try something new. However, some rise and stand as beacons, representing both a level of creativity and quality to be reckoned with when they try out new techniques and beer styles. KISSMEYER is one of those beacons. In order to secure a long-lasting, robust and relevant KISSMEYER brand, we have developed multiple product concept platforms, which we will launch sequentially over the years to come. All platforms link to Anders Kissmeyer’s personal agenda, adventures, personality and relevant occasions.