When creating a beer, I always aim to bring something new. More about Kissmeyer

Delivering in your own name!

It is frightening, challenging, dangerous, liberating and, not least, exciting to publish in your own name. Here you can hear Silas Bjerregaard and Anders Kissmeyer put words into this on this video.

Our ambitions with Kissmeyer Brewing are soaring

Anders Kissmeyer takes the concept of craft brewing very seriously, but at the same time he is also a curious and creative brewer who takes pride in driving the craft towards new heights and in new directions. Rooted in these passions, we will present new takes on well known beer types, along with brand new unique directions and styles. Anders Kissmeyer is a much larger name in the rest of the world than he is in his own country. This will be reflected in a number of collaboration brews. Beers he brews in collaboration with his large network of friends among the best international brewmasters. To fully unfold our ambitions, we have chosen to present all of the KISSMEYER beers in a number of distinct portfolios, each with a conceptual idea of it's own. In the following you will be introduced to these concepts... Cheers!
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